What Currency is used on this site?

All prices shown are in CAD Dollars unless otherwise indicated.  For USA and International orders, at checkout, your credit card company will apply their own current daily exchange rate.

How can I find used or blem products?

In order to get a list of these, please click on the search icon and simply type “Used” or “Blem” and you will get a list of these products.

Please note that you must use the English terms here.

How can I find out the condition of a used or blem product?

In general terms, our used kayaks are in good shape. They are 1 or 2 season old and are always checked and fixed prior to being sold.

Blem products are products that are new but have slight defects that does not affect the performance of the craft. We warranty blem kayaks for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Since these are discounted products and they are all different, we cannot send pictures via email or guarantee the condition over the phone. In order to avoid confusion and potential issues, it is always a good idea to come to the store and see them to make sure they suit your needs.

What is the best way to reach you?

As we prioritize customers in the store, the best way to reach us is by Email.  Any information regarding inventory can be handled via this website.